I created Readle with a fervent belief in the transformative power of language learning. It's a tool that can open doors, bridge cultural divides, and unlock potentials. To ensure that everyone has access to this valuable resource, I am dedicated to keeping Readle entirely free for all its users.

My Personal Commitment

Readle isn't backed by big investors or corporations. Every story you engage with, every question you tackle, and every new feature that's rolled out is funded and managed by me. I pour my heart, soul, time, and financial resources into ensuring that Readle remains a top-notch resource for English learners.

The Impact of Your Support

When you contribute to Readle, you're doing more than just supporting a platform; you're endorsing a personal vision of making English accessible to everyone. Your support:

  • Upholds Stability: Enables me to keep the platform running smoothly and reliably for users everywhere.
  • Drives Evolution: Your generosity inspires and facilitates ongoing refinements, new features, and user experience enhancements.
  • Broadens Reach: With your backing, I can connect with even more learners, offering them this crucial tool to boost their English proficiency.

How to Support

Every bit of support counts. Here are two straightforward ways you can contribute to Readle:

Both methods are simple and secure. Be it the cost of a cup of coffee or a larger amount, every donation is deeply valued and goes directly into nurturing and expanding Readle.

Thank you for being an essential part of this journey. Together, we can make a monumental difference in the realm of English language learning!