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Your pocket companion for daily English practice. Dive into meticulously crafted reading passages and challenge yourself with engaging multiple choice questions. Optimized for your iOS device.

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Exclusive Features

Unlock the full potential of Readle with our exclusive, user-centric features designed to elevate your learning experience.

Optimized for iOS
Experience a seamless learning journey on your device, complete with smooth navigation and offline reading capabilities.
Daily New Passage Notifications
Stay in the loop with timely alerts. New passages are just a notification away, promoting daily consistent practice.
Personal Passage Archive
Every passage you complete is neatly archived. Revisit, reflect, and review your progress anytime you wish.
Built-in Translation
Bridge the language gap effortlessly. Our integrated translation tool ensures you grasp every word and context.
Customizable Text Alignment
Make reading comfortable. Customize text alignment to your preference: left, center, or justified.
Privacy-First Approach
Your learning journey is uniquely yours. We honor that with a strict no-tracking policy. Experience pure, undistracted learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got answers. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

What is Readle for iOS?
Readle for iOS is a dedicated mobile app offering tailored reading passages and questions to boost your English skills on the go.
How often are new reading passages added?
New passage is added daily at 00:00 UTC, ensuring you have fresh content to start your day, wherever you are in the world.
Will I be notified of new reading passages?
Yes! The app alerts you with daily notifications for new content, so you always stay updated.
How does the built-in translation feature work?
Our integrated translation tool helps clarify difficult words or phrases, aiding in effortless comprehension.
Can I customize the text alignment in the app?
Absolutely. Choose your preferred alignment: left, center, or justified, for a personalized reading experience.
Can I access Readle for iOS offline?
Yes, the app supports offline reading, ensuring continuous learning even without internet access.
How is the iOS version different from the web version?
The iOS app offers unique features like offline access, personal passage archiving, and daily notifications, enhancing the mobile experience.
Why is the Readle for iOS app not free like the web version?
Readle for iOS offers exclusive features and an optimized experience that warrants a premium, supporting quality content and app development.
Is there any tracking or analytics in the app?
No. We value your privacy. Readle for iOS is designed with a strict no-tracking policy, ensuring undistracted, pure learning.